Our story

Little Madeleines was created out of a desire to offer a high quality, all in one online store for babies, where you can shop multiple styles, with a wide range of prices.

When my niece was born, my hobby instantly became buying her gifts – I was under the impression that this is what aunts are for! As she grew, I no longer limited myself to toys. I noticed she has a taste for fashion, she only wears the things she likes and she loooves elaborated, interesting outfits. The joy that sparked in her little eyes everytime I gave her a new little t-shirt or a skirt, simply lightened up my world. In the meantime, I was having somewhat trouble finding the right things for her.

I would spend hours searching for a really high quality product, with an interesting design – most of them were either very high quality, but with a dull design, or very cute and fun, but the quality left me doubting. When I finally managed to find a product I was pleased with, I most often did not find a second one to complete the outfit. Most companies were focused on one specific theme, such as – either minimalistic baby clothes, or really fun ones, which even had glitter – but not both! Now, I find that no person can fit into one category. Nobody wears either entirely classic, or entirely funky – we all have our personal style which is a mix. So, I do not see why a baby would have to fit into this! I personally love to combine a classic, timeless piece with something a bit more futuristic. My niece wanted the same.

Another issue I had were the prices. Stores were either very expensive, or had good prices which often sacrified the quality. I was able to just find a few stores that had a good balance between the two but then again, no wide range of choices. Many times, I ended up ordering from multiple website, paying shipping for 2-3 different companies. If there was any issue, the customer service was there to inform you that it is your fault. If the color was not showed as the one in the picture, if the clothes did not fit – well, tough luck!

We are here to change all that. An outfit does not have to consist of entirely expensive clothes, entirely extravagant or classic clothes, good customer service is also possible. We stand for authenticity, for price – quality balance, for a place where you can shop and find products you can afford – no more no less. The company was created with the idea of happy mothers, happy babies, creative gifts and clothing – and we will not cut back from customer satisfaction. We wish that our name represents, to our customers, a promise of high quality products, a relationship of trust, the assumption that everytime assistence is possible, it will be offered.

We hope you will find joy, inspiration and interesting outfit ideas while browsing out website! Thank you so much for stopping by, it means the world!